CEVOLUTION Display CEVOLUTION Display för Stål, Rostfritt stål, NE-metaller, Aluminium

Kornart Keramisk korund
Utförande Välvd 6°
Rostfritt stål


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Article number: 664921

The solid one

5 pieces abrasive mop discs SMT 974 K40 125 x 22,23 (Art.Nr. 369280)

The SMT 974 convinces with the new CEVOLUTION technology. Ceramic abrasive grain paired with a blended cotton backing transforms the SMT into a dependable sander. The extra thick layer of abrasive material gives the product an exceptionally long service life. Optimised for steel materials, the new SMT 974 achieves particularly high stock removal.

The durable one

5 pieces abrasive mop discs SMT 975 K40 125 x M 14 (Art.Nr. 369301)

A flap disc that manages to impress with numerous properties: Its innovative ceramic abrasive grain combined with CEVOLUTION technology and the trimmable plate provides for previously unheard-of longevity. CEVOLUTION lets the SMT 975 deliver a long service life and extreme aggressiveness. Made of plastic, the plate is easy to trim, allowing the user to utilise the still unused abrasive material found on the inner side of the plate. This gives the product extra service life over a conventional flap disc.

The cool one

5 pieces abrasive mop discs SMT 976 K40 125 x 22,23 (Art.Nr. 369270)

The engineers at Klingspor optimised this flap disc for use on stainless steel. Its multibond coating and self-sharpening effect turn the SMT 976 with CEVOLUTION technology into an admirable performer which - compared to its predecessor the SMT 996 - impresses with more aggressive grinding and a longer service life. The multibond helps reduce the grinding temperature in the grinding zone. This makes the SMT 976 ideal for stainless steel. What is more, the multibond keeps the abrasive from clogging prematurely when used on NF metals and aluminium.

The high-quality shipping box can be transformed into an attractive counter display in just a few simple steps. The sticker on the box is the perfect way to advertise the abrasive mop discs.